Friday, August 10, 2012

jQuery 1.8 released

jQuery 1.8 released
jQuery 1.8 is released. According to official blog post of jQuery, it has came with a couple of cool new features and a smaller footprint.
You can download it here.
A rewritten Sizzle engine is the release’s headline feature, making element selection “faster than ever”, while still maintaining IE6 support. Animation also gets an under-the-hood shot in the arm.

The most controversial addition to 1.8  is likely to be its automatic CSS prefixing, applying vendor prefixes like -webkit- or -moz- when CSS properties are called. While on the one hand this may help to ensure cross-browser compatibility, it’s also another step further towards a different set of CSS for each browser.

As you might expect, plenty of bugs have been squashed in this release; and there’s been some improvements to $(html, props), making it more flexible and allowing you to use any jQuery method or plugin in the objects passed.

Plus, if you’re one of those people insisting on squashing every ounce of JavaScript down to as small a footprint as possible, you may be glad to hear that this release has shaved a few hundred bytes from the gzipped file size.

In addition, a new grunt-based build system allows for stripping out of jQuery components you may not need. “What we’ve done here for 1.8 is really just a beginning,” writes Dave Methvin. “You’ll see even more flexibility as we move to later versions.”


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