Saturday, May 19, 2012

simple Slide : A jQuery slideshow plugin

Simple Slide is a nice jQuery plugin for slideshow. It's easy, small, flexible and neat. The package is based around the way you already build your website, so you don’t have to retain swaths of arbitrary knowledge to use it on a regular basis. At 15kB for the full version, and a minute 6kB for the hyper-compressed version, and tidy code, this plugin won’t bog down your site or burn out your users’ browsers, even using it in multiple iterations per page.

With the little markup you need to add to your site, you get a full featureset, like the ability to put whatever data you want within the slide window, even mixed types, a proportionally-correct status display that configures itself, fullscreen display and swipe functionality.Add some slick usability to your site with a plugin that’s fun and easy to use.
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