Thursday, May 10, 2012

ppGallery - jQuery Lightbox Gallery

You can showcase your gallery in style with ppGallery, an advanced lightbox photo gallery plugin built with the jQuery Framework. It is lightweight, unobtrusive and installs with ease. It has been tested on the latest versions of IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Camino and Opera. ppGallery will take your images and create an elegant photo gallery widget. With some simple copy and paste, you'll install ppGallery in no time! Fast & easy setup.
  • Ready right out of the box. 
  • Fully customizable with css
  • Slide show play/pause feature 
  • Built in preloading feature allows for quick browsing and no waiting between images.
  • URL hashing allows the ability to directly link to a specific image 
  • Lite, snappy but elegant and smooth feel 
  • Image count and number identification so you know where you are in the gallery 
  • Thumbnail preview feature allows for convenient navigation through the gallery
  • Easy surfing: Navigate through the photos using the spacebar or your left and right arrow keys
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