Thursday, April 26, 2012

AjaxML - A New Standard for AJAX

If you are using then most probably you know how easy it is to implement AJAX with help of jQuery. There a even more easier plugin now to use AJAX. AjaxML is a set of functions that allow you to declare Ajax behaviour in your web pages with as little coding as possible. In fact, if you have no special needs beyond basic XHR use, you need no code at all. The idea is simple. A set of attributes added to your web page elements specify what you need to be done. 
AjaxML was designed to decrease development time of Ajax requests, as it was measured to reduce development time upto 60% from time consumed using normal jQuery ajax. It take care of forms submitting with Ajax as hyperlinks. One of the problems of ajax requests is bookmarking feaure loss, and broswer history support is another headache. Using AjaxML, you can just mention what is the hash value for your link, and that's it.
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