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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flow Slider jQuery Plugin

Flow Slider is a JavaScript thumbnail slider. Flow Slider is customizable, skinnable, fashionable, and looks great on every site. Impress your visitors and make navigation more intuitive! You can create a slider out of any HTML content you wish. Create horizontal, as well as, vertical sliders. You can also choose animation options and controllers for your slider. Virtually anything can be a slider: a navigation, thumbnails, image gallery.

  • Flow Slider supports all browsers you like and even some you don't like. 
  • Flow Slider is optimized to run smoothly and programmed to save the precious CPU time of your browser. 
  • Flow Slider can use CSS3 transition property for smoother sliding due hardware acceleration, and fall back gracefully to JavaScript in IE. 
  • With Flow Slider you can change transition effects, choose controllers, attach events, interact with the slider, and dress it in any design.

Home : http://www.flowslider.com/
Demo : http://www.flowslider.com/

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