Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AD Gallery, gallery plugin for jQuery

  • Choose effect, should the image slide in, or fade in?
  • Show fifth image by adding #ad-image4 to the url, this takes precedence over over settings.start_at_index
  • jQuery call returns gallery instances, which enables you to change settings on the fly like the "Change to fade effect" link above
  • Keyboard arrows to move back and forth
  • Click on the edge of the big image to go to the next/previous
  • Images are preloaded, and if the aren't finished loading when they are supposed to be displayed, a loading image will appear
  • Slideshow count down only begins when the image has loaded and is visible
  • Image title, can either be set in the title attribute, or in'ad-title', 'My title here'). $.data takes precedence over the title attribute
  • Image descriptions, can either be set in the longdesc attribute, or in'ad-desc', 'My description here'). $.data takes precedence over the longdesc attribute
  • Callbacks on different events that has access to the internal object, which means that you can access all internal methods, etc
  • Takes the dimensions of the image container div and scales down images that are larger than it
  • Image is positioned in the middle if it's smaller than the container div
  • Images that are larger than the container are scaled down to fit inside the container
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